Portraits exhibition

Series of 40 portraits where I play with the shape of the head, face or hat to build the character.

Thieves. In the first image I have been inspired in the Rossini’s opera The Thieving Magpie. I have played with the shape of the headdress to create a magpie that steals the earring. In the second portrait the thief dresses in black to go unnoticed and at the same time she wears her own loot.

War and peace. These 2 images could also work separately. In the first one I have also played with the repetition of forms as in other portraits. The hat and the fan have the same shape, remembering a woman from the orient. In the second picture there is a game of opposites. The soldier’s cap takes the shape of a heart, a symbol of love.

Flies. The plant has the same shape as the woman’s hairstyle, which suggests that something is hidden inside the pot. The flies acquire the same shape as the shaved hair of him. As in the polysemic words, the flies have double meaning.

Potions. My inspiration in this case comes from Hansel and Gretel tale. The witch’s hair becomes a jail. I have also played with the repetition of forms. The shape of the witch’s hat is the same as the shape of her nose. The shape of the child’s hair is the same as the pot.

Beginning. Which came first: the chicken or the egg? (left portrait) Self-connection. I made this image thinking of a woman who does not depend on anyone (right portrait).