Alzheimer’s disease’s video

I’d like a future without alzheimer’s disease, but now it’s important to join efforts to improve the quality of live for patients with alzheimer and their caregivers.

English translation:

  1. At this moment of his life, everything that this man had lived is useless.
  2. Many books read. Now he doesn’t understand anything.
  3. Long conversations with friends. Now he doesn’t speak.
  4. Kilometers and kilometers through the mountain. Now he doesn’t walk.
  5. Many hours lived intensely that he doesn’t remember now.
  6. So many shared laughs and now he is an alien to everything around.
  7. They take care of him but he refuses.
  8. Now he takes refuge in his loneliness.
  9. A loneliness that connects him to the past when that child hugs him,
  10. because then he smiles.
  11. Now that boy looks at his grandfather’s photograph…
  12. and remembers what he told him: go out and play.

Some frames from the video: